Consulting and academic services

According to our object of internationalizing universities' educational offer, in DBF, begin our projects performing market research surveys. We identify, through digital analytics, those training plans that have more supply and demand within the online market and advise institutions on what programs to offer and launch for online education.

We also review all the official documents that constitute the academic programs in order to adjust them to the standards, with modification and redesign proposals. We offer comprehensive content development services regarding the online training plans delivery, covering from "grade 0", conceptualization, to the implementation in the LMS (Learning Management System). For all those teachers who wish to develop their own online educational material we also offer private counseling and training sessions.

Finally DBF also supports universities in achieving international accreditations. From strategic planning to required quality systems design and implementation, we provide coaching and advice on the visit of academic peers and/or representatives of the Ministry of Education.