Who we are

DBF Informática is a company founded in 1990 specialized in the digital sector, with a centralized field of activity in computer engineering, online marketing and e-learning, whose objective is to provide solutions to companies and organizations that need and demand this type of services.

DBF is formed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals from computering, publicity and communication fields. This factor allows us to work in a coordinated way for the exploitation of all the digital resources available for programming and digital marketing. Due to the continuous updating of our working sector, we also have complementary professional training for our employees.

Our extensive experience in the public sector is supported by our registration in the Official Register of Qualified Companies of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. In addition, we have the main official certifications of the most relevant partners within our labor sector. We provide technology consulting services to various ministries and public agencies, councils of the Madrid Community, organizations such as CEPYME and UGT, multinationals and small and medium enterprises.

Despite our status as a small company, we feel very proud to have worked for more than 25 years nationally and internationally, developing projects and computer applications present in Spanish embassies, cultural centers and training centers of the International Cooperation Spanish Agency for Development (AECID). Many of our projects have achieved a distribution reach of more than twenty countries.

The attributes that we have tried to cultivate the most throughout these years have been customer service and flexibility when undertaking their projects. If we add to this the experience provided by our most veteran specialists and the talent of our young newcomers, we can get a very precise idea of which are our pillars.

DBF Informática has built and will build its realization processes on two fundamentals, mainly: the technical mastery of the sector's constituent subjects and the innovative view that can transform it.