Call Center

Even considering the scope of digital marketing and the self-developing nature of its conversion processes, we at DBF do not fail to offer our customers a humanizing complement that adds value in terms of direct assistance: the Call Center service.

The fact of having true qualified professionals in the administration and data recording departments allows us to offer a quality service in compliance with the targeted objectives, and always looking for efficiency when it comes to form working groups and reaching the time limits stipulated by the client.

More than 25 years of activity ratify our experience, area of which has been including the following services:

  • Campaigns with such objectives as: data collection, updating of databases, surveys production, events attendance confirmation and commercial appointments scheduling.
  • Attention provided by national staff
  • Multilingual support capability. We have agents fluent in all official languages of the state and foreign languages (English, French, Italian, German, Arabic and Slavic languages).
  • Great persuasive and convincing skills on calls provided, to a large extent, by our sales training team
  • Availability of agents with mastery of technical-computing subjects
  • Use of own databases segmented by activity sector, geographical location, target audience...

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