Student follow up and retention

The use of our own CRM, specifically developed for educational environments allows us to manage and centralize in a single database all the commercial relations of our clients. We place the benefits provided by this software in the base of our mercantile strategies, and for the same reason, we offer particular and personalized attention to the students, going so far as to turn the speechs, merely commercial, into close, human and pertinent arguments.

The empowerment of CRM tools in the loyalty and satisfaction fields is undeniable. Throughout our experience, we have been verifying the positive impact they have in terms of recurring sales and student re-registrations for the subsequent subjects. Therefore, it has been with this in mind that we have been designed our student support services: by valuing the human factor we maximize the student's permanence in the training plan and increase graduation rates.

All communications between students and the institution go through the retention department.